Directions: Walk over to Party Street and use the image above to explain the scenario.

Say: “Imagine this, it’s a busy day at the center, and this entire Party Street section is filled with children of all ages having fun and creating memories with their Birthday Guests. One child accidentally drops their gelato on the floor and immediately starts crying.”


  • What would you do if you saw this happening in real-time?
  • How would you try to make the child feel better?
  • Tell me about a time you took the initiative to problem solve or complete a task.

Look for:

  • Get a wet floor sign; clean up gelato; get a new gelato for the child
  • Console the child by letting them know everything is going to be okay
  • Any situation in their life where they may have recognized a problem and then solved it
  • Ask a Manager if they can give the Guest a coupon, free game, plush, etc.
  • Taking the initiative without being asked

Sell: “At Main Event, we want to Go Above and Beyond by doing the right thing and winning the right way; that means we need to get stuff done and take care of our Guests at all costs; we know mistakes may happen, but we want you to be able to get gritty, be relentless and take care of any Guest’s needs.”