• Using the bowling lane in front of you as a reference, which “problem areas” in the image on the website would you fix or change to make the Guest experience more memorable?
  • Why is creating a great Guest experience important in a place like Main Event?
  • Why are our Guests important?

Look for:

  • Spotting all of the “problem” areas in the picture
    Understanding that a dirty area can impact the Guest experience in a negative way
  • Guests may not want to come back if they have a bad experience
  • Putting themselves in the Guest’s shoes and explaining why they would want a different experience
  • Understands that our Guests give us the money we need to operate our business

Sell: “Guests are why Main Event exists; without our Guests, our jobs don’t exist. At Main Event, our mission statement is “Connecting People… Making Memories… One Smile at a Time.” Think about how you want to be treated when you go out. We need to make sure our Guests have the same experience.”