Directions: Walk the candidate to the Games Floor, locate the Connect Four Hoops game, and swipe your Employee Game Card on both card readers. When the game begins, engage with the candidate in a friendly competition. (If Connect Four Hoops is unavailable, please use NBA Hoops or a similar two-player game.)

After the game is over, and as you walk the candidate to lanes, Ask:

  • Tell me about a time you were stressed due to time or work pressure.
  • How did you handle the stress?
  • Were you successful?

Look for:

  • Specifics of how they handled stress; (prioritize tasks; step away)
  • Seeking out help when overwhelmed
  • Learned from mistakes

Sell: “On a busy Saturday, things in your job may be stressful, but you always have your fellow Team Members to assist and help you. Working at Main Event is like playing Connect 4 hoops; someone is always by your side, even under pressure. That’s why we Raise Our Game! We don’t want you to be afraid to fail; we always want you to be able to bounce back.”